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Fogmakr Fire Suppression

Fire-Suppression System Overview

FOGMAKER High pressure water mist fire suppression system for enclosed spaces.

A fire in or on a mine can have devastating consequences in the form injury, loss of life and production reductions with high economic loss.

In the compact and hot engine compartment of a mine machine the propagation of fire can be very fast with massive smoke development in the whole mine complex.

FOGMAKER is a high pressure water mist fire suppression system for vehicles and machines with enclosed engine compartments. The system quickly detects and suppresses a fire by generating a dense blanket of micro-water mist droplets within the protected area.

FOGMAKER is ideal for engine compartments and other enclosed or semi-enclosed spaces, and is particularly suitable for machines where space is limited, as is the case with most commercial vehicles, construction and mining machines.

FOGMAKER has a unique extinguishing performance as it both cools down and chokes the fire, at the same time as the foam additive effectively prevents the fire from re-igniting.

Water mist generated under high pressure through patented nozzles, has superior extinguishing capabilities in engine compartments compared to traditional low-pressure foam systems. Special nozzles creates micro drops with an average size of 50 μm. One drop of water typically 1mm in diameter is converted to 8 000 of these micro drops!

1 litre of extinguishing fluid absorbs 540 000 kilocalories and produces 1700 litres of water mist at the same time.

Low maintenance costs
As there are no wearing parts or batteries that require frequent replacing, the total life cycle cost of a FOGMAKER high pressure water mist suppression systems is low compared with competing systems.

Annual inspection
Once per year, the fire suppression system should be inspected and the functions tested by a certified installer. Normally, this does not take more than an hour.

Fogmaker attacks all three elements
to suppress fire

Fogmaker patented high pressure
mist technology

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