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Fogmaker Fire Suppression

Fire-Suppression System Options

The Fogmaker system comes in many options of volume and size, making it versatile for a diverse range of applications, for use in both small spaces such as on a small forestry vehicle as well as in larger compartments of buses.

Standard Agent Tank Sizes
There are four standard tank sizes. These can be coupled together to provide protection for larger compartments.

Discharge Performance
The discharged time is dependent on the number and size of nozzles selected.
Typically, a system will be designed to achieve a discharge time of 90 seconds

Litres Tanks Weight (full)
3.3 * 1 11kg
4.0 * 1 12kg
6.5 * 1 18kg
7.5 * 1 20kg
13 2 x 6.5l 34kg
15 2 x 7.5l 40kg
19.5 3 x 6.5l 54kg
30 4 x 7.5l 80kg
* standard tank sizes
Fogmaker Range

Standard tank sizes
Single agent discharge tank
Double agent discharge tank
Fogmaker Fire Suppression
Triple agent discharge tank