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Pump Rental Service

Many companies feel that owning their own pumps is the only route open to them. However, by aligning themselves with a knowledgeable and well-equipped rental company, such as ours, they will realise that, in many instances, equipment rental provides them with market advantages while simultaneously reducing capital expenses.

The benefits are numerous:-

  • The purchasing of de-wateing equipment is usually an expensive capex spend. Rented units are not added to the company‚Äôs balance sheet and are fully deductible as a company expense. Cash flow is also not adversely affected by renting pumps as there is no large capital outlay.
  • There is no depreciation of equipment, since the contractor simply returns the pump to the rental company after the pumping portion of the c ontract is completed.
  • Our extensive fleet of submersible drainage, de-watering, slurry and sludge pumps means you have immediate access to the perfect solution for your project needs.This convenience brings lower logistical demands.
  • An ommediate solution.
  • During necessary maintenance cycles to ensure safe operation of pump equipment at peak performance levels, or during inspection, testing and repair downtime, our extensive fleet means that unit swap-outs are easy and our 24/7 technical support means that any repairs can be affected.
  • Quickl and convenient.
  • Pump owenrship always incures additional, somtimes hidden costs such as labour costs, training, maintenance and spares.When your company rents dewatering equipment from us, we as the rental company, handles the maintenance needs of the equipment.
  • Maintenance is built into your lease agreement.
  • We also offer on-site operating training to your team. This means that you can control your project costs better.
  • Projects are never static. With rental units, you have the flexibility to swap pumps when necessary, particularly in environments where the pump requirements are ever-changing as projects progress and evolve.
  • Ensure that you have the right equipment you need for your project to get the job done effectively.
  • Our team of experienced consultants and insallation technicians, can manage much of the project for you.
  • This means that your labour budget is freed up.
  • Labour convenience.
  • Transport of large de-watering equipment can be expensive and logisticall challenging.
  • We remove this challenge for you by handling the transport of the equipment to and from your site and assume the liability for this.

    GiGi Mining Services offers:
      an extensive fleet of rental units available at short notice;
      a fully functioning service department for testing, service, maintenance and repairs to OEM specifications;
      an experienced team to ensure that our clients across Southern Africa receive the right equipment for the job.

    We cater specifically to the needs of customers who benefit from renting their pumping solutions, diesel lighting or dredging units instead of purchasing them. We offer rental or leasing contracts on a daily, weekly, and monthly or annual basis.

    Integrated Pump Rental takes complete responsibility for all maintenance requirements of equipment on site and we ensure that a comprehensive maintenance record is kept, allowing us to determine when proactive, scheduled maintenance is required and when equipment reaches end of life.

    We have recently commissioned a 90 kW test tank facility at our 1200 m2 premises in Bartlett, Boksburg near Johannesburg, which includes a warehouse, and full service and repair capability. Our service workshop and experienced maintenance team, ensures a full service and maintenance contracts with our clients.